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RIIPL Recognized for being a forerunner in women empowerment

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Manufacturing has traditionally been a male dominated industry globally. RIIPL leads by example in valuing what women can bring to the table with almost 60% of its employees being women and the top management comprising of two promising young women. The next generation of entrepreneurs, Nisha and Aasha Rathnaraj, both having pursued their education in the UK and US respectively, moved back to India to join their father’s manufacturing industry in their mid 20s. This only goes to show the passion and drive inspired by their father, the man with the vision of taking the industry to the next level by empowering his two young daughters. RIIPL is proud of the inclusive environment and culture created by the Managing Director, Mr Rathnaraj.

Mr Rathnaraj is committed to giving back to the soceity and is constantly looking for ways to contribute to the betterment of the youth. As a result, RIIPL is actively involved in bridging the industry-institute gap through faculty and student trainings, industrial visits etc. He aims to inspire the next generation through collaborations and create a positive influence on the youth as they learn about the industry.

We feel honored to be recognized by The Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation (TIIC) for being a forerunner in women empowerment and next generation entrepreneurship. The article about RIIPL will be on display at TIIC, Nandanam, Chennai for the next two weeks. We hope TIIC’s efforts to showcase this story inspire other MSMEs to have an all inclusive workplace and also inspire more women to pursue STEM as a career.

Special thanks to Mr. Hans Raj Varma, Managing Director of TIIC, for his thoughtful gesture of organizing this special event to honor RIIPL and its top management.

RIIPL Top management at TIIC - in frame (from left to right)

Mrs Jayanthi, TIIC

Mrs Nisha Rathnaraj, Director, RIIPL

Mrs Aasha Rathnaraj, Director, RIIPL

Mr Rathnaraj, Managing Director, RIIPL

Mr Hans Raj Varma, IAS, Managing Director, TIIC

Mrs Revathi Rathnaraj, wife of MD, RIIPL and Retd. Joint secretary to the Govt, PWD, TN

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