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Injection Moulding Shop 2.0

Raini Industries India Pvt Ltd. is committed to satisfying its customers in delivering top class products by staying technologically up-to-date. In its recent capital project, Raini invested in world class injection moulding machines with latest features in terms of production and safety. This project includes extension of both upper and lower limits of Raini's injection moulding capacity in terms of tonnage.

Given that the latest Shibaura Machines (formerly Toshiba) have a higher performance quotient, Raini with a total of 16 injection moulding machines (of which 5 are brand new) will now be able to deliver a production output higher than its former production output with 19 machines. The new state of the art machines are of the below mentioned tonnages:-

  • 60 T

  • 100 T

  • 150 T

  • 200 T

  • 450 T

These machines can handle a wide range of materials including tough to mould materials with special properties like PEI, materials with higher glass fill percentages, HTN etc.

The IATF 16949 certified shop floor located at Thirumudivakkam, Chennai was opened on 11th November, 2022. This revamped injection moulding shop was inaugurated by Thiru. S. Radhakrishnan, a guiding light to Rays group of companies and a mentor to our Managing Director Thiru. L. Rathnaraj. Thiru. R. Panchanathan, who has been one of the founding members in establishing order and systems in the facility and also a profound influence on the company's goals also graced the occasion.

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Raini Industries
Raini Industries
22 nov 2022

Thank you very much

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